About Me


I am your normal, fairly successful, strong woman. I have a good job, a great husband (don’t tell him I said that), truly amazing friends, and overall a terrific life. Not bragging- just facts. I worked really hard and earned all of it so am proud of that and will never apologize for what I have. In a world where its unfortunately more about who than what you know and how much money you have, I have beaten the odds.

I have some “areas of opportunity” I suppose. I am sarcastic, too direct at times, competitive and overly hilarious (in my opinion). I could be less reactive and more sensitive. If you ask my husband, he would agree I could be much more affectionate (in many ways -hahaha). And if I am truly being honest, I am completely messed up on the inside just like everyone else. I just do a better job of hiding it than most.

My vices in no particular order are coffee, wine, chocolate, pizza and french fries. Oh- so on that note, I need to lose like 20 lbs!!

My hobbies generally correlate with my vices unfortunately. I go wine tasting and out to dinner A LOT.