Views on Religion

I support people doing anything that makes them happy. Religion brings comfort and happiness to many- so that makes it a good thing. It also teaches good values like- don’t kill, cheat, lie, etc. Therefore, I say do what makes you feel good about yourself, but I would note that it also is not fair to force it on others and definitely you should not use it as a benchmark for if a person is good or not.

I personally don’t buy into it. My very brilliant niece said it best- it just doesn’t make sense one man did all that. I do however support and respect the fact others feel differently.


Let’s discuss politics since its all we are seeing and hearing about right now. I know- we are all numb to it in so many ways- me included. That said, I have to say this. M.A.G.A. – Really? If the idea is to Make America Great Again, we must assume there is some past time of greatness we are striving to return to. Can someone tell me what point in time that was? Don’t get me wrong, I am as patriotic as the next person, but our history in this country is filled with racism, sexism, religious intolerance and homophobia. And unfortunately- that hasn’t changed!! How have we not been able to move forward as a society?

Shouldn’t the idea be “Make America Great” – period? Unless you are a straight, Christian, white male who seeks to return to the times of Don Draper (and who wouldn’t want to drink whiskey at work all day by the way), I would argue the use of the word “again” is for the sheltered and simple minded who could benefit from leaving their small bubbles and educate themselves on people who are different. Turn off Fox News and take a trip or read a book people!